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St. Kitts and Nevis are one country together.  From a distance Nevis looks like a sombrero, with a high peak in the middle and low around the edges.  It shares a similar history to St. Kitts.  It's a very pretty Island, with a friendly population of around 12,000.


Mar 24th - Arrived in Nevis after a three hour sail from St. Kitts.  Anchored with Quietly off Pinney's Beach.  A beautiful white sand beached, lined with lush vegetation and towering palm trees.

Gallant sailing - with family.jpg (55102 bytes) See, we really do sail Gallant!    Fishermen.jpg (83284 bytes) Today's catch.    Nevis2.jpg (73662 bytes) Nevis from afar.   Nevis, Pinney's Beach.jpg (88677 bytes) Pinney's Beach.

On Pinney's Beach there is a Four Seasons Hotel.  The main attraction would be Sunshine's Beach Bar, home of the famous 'Killer Bee' rum cocktail.  Ask Andrea how easily these go down!  A great little bar with great music and a good atmosphere, but watch out for the short-changing scam that has been rumored to flourish here, though we never had a problem.

Walking inot Sunshine's.jpg (70542 bytes) Tom walking into Sunshine's.    Tom smells beer... Sunshine's Beach Bar.jpg (83171 bytes)

Mar 25th - Decided to take a trip to Charlestown then up to the Golden Rock Plantation Hotel for lunch.  Charlestown is a small, lovely town.  It's clean and busy, with plenty of interesting shops to browse through.  There's a small fruit and veg market right by the dock where kooky old women sit and sell off their local favorites.

Charlestown.jpg (100500 bytes)    Charlestown2.jpg (90027 bytes)    House.jpg (96549 bytes)    Charlestown3.jpg (92607 bytes)    Charlestown4.jpg (94837 bytes)    Charlestown5.jpg (115690 bytes)

Golden Rock Plantation is way up the side of the extinct volcano, so we took a taxi.  We arrived just before lunch, so we took a short walk along the 'Nature Trail' hoping to see some Green-back monkeys.  There were no monkeys this time, but it helped build our appetites for lunch.  Sitting outside, looking over the ocean we enjoyed a couple of hours relaxing in the shade, chatting and generally philosophizing.

Nature Trail.jpg (172998 bytes) The 'Nature Trail'.    Roots.jpg (149511 bytes) Looks like a waterfall.   Goat.jpg (133671 bytes) Watch out for the goat.

Driveway to Golden Rock.jpg (113801 bytes) Alex and Tom amble down the driveway.


We weighed anchor after dinner to set sail for a night voyage over to Montserrat.


Beat over to Montserrat...


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